Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot mixed Asian model, Lyla Dee

Lyla Dee

Website: www.NitinProductions.com
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 105 lbs.
Stats: 34C-28-32

Nitin Productions describe hot Asian model, Lyla Dee (a.k.a. Dookie), as a true sweetheart. She’s like the girl next door but with a little more attitude and lot more sexiness, and she looks amazing in small, tight thong. She resides in Orange County and has just become a newly appointed Hooter Girl. Lyla is our little unicorn. Her beauty and grace seem almost magical. We’re still not even sure if this naked Asian girl is real. Watch out for this heartbreak girl in a thong. Her smile will draw you in, and her looks and personality will keep you coming back for more.

Read more of hot Asian girl Lyla Dee at her myspace: Just an average girl who started modeling to get closer to her singing career. A die hard passion in singing, a girl who loves music. wants someone who wants her for her goofy self, someone who would accept her for her… the whole sabang and everything that…. (Read More!)

Read more of hot Asian girl Lyla Dee at her twitter: cant stop me now! going at it full force baby!! i might not see YOU again but u most def will see… (Read More!)

Read more of Lyla Dee at her music page: Lyla always knew she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Lyla began singing at the age of 2. By 11, she was doing talent shows, and by 18, she was gracing covers of International Magazines, Billboards, and even Television for her amazing … (Read More!)

Read more of Lyla Dee at Model Mayhem: Hi there sunshine!! The names Lyla Dee I am crazy at times, but I know when to get down to business. I am from the LBC yes “miss ghetto fabulous!” I am a Tila’s Playgirl, model, GOGO dancer, but my passion is music. I am an R&B hip-hop/house singer, who is very ambitious. Music has always been my priority, but since… (Read More!)

Read more of Lyla Dee at Asian Web Models: Asian Web Models: Which do you prefer a bath or a shower? Lyla Dee: Hmmm thats a hard one. I like both. I would say shower because it quick and it washes you all around. Asian Web Models: What do you like to wear to bed? Lyla Dee: I like to be naked. My doctor told me its… (Read More!)

Read more of Lyla Dee at Top Asian Models: Just an average girl who started modeling to get closer to her singing career. I wouldn’t quite say she’s average, just a tad bit above average. Ok, she’s super hott and… (Read More!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hot Asian model, Sweet Honey JO

Honey Jo

Website: www.SweetHoneyJo.com
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 100 lbs.
Stats: 34C-24-30

The first thing that struck us about Honey Jo was her absolutely glowing personality. This hot model went from being a relatively new name in the import model scene to being at the top of everyone’s list of favorites. And that’s no mystery, thanks to her flawless looks, awesome proportions, and charming character. Honey Jo’s striking beauty commands the attention of everyone in the room wherever she goes! This glamour model’s warm aura and soft smile are enough to put anyone at ease and under her seductive fantasy.

Read more of Honey Jo at Nitin Productions: She is a full blooded Asian Queen, even though she’s too modest to admite to the “Queen” title. Honey Jo is an exotic, natural beauty with the face of an angel and the body of a goddess, but don’t let her innocence full you, she’s got a… (Read More!)

Read more of Honey Jo at Model Mayhem: I’d really like to try some new things and step outside the box! I’m open to new ideas! I want to have some fun with… (Read More!)

Read more of Honey Jo at her Twitter: i love how kost is playing christmas songs right now… (Read More!)

Read more of Honey Jo at Meet Up: I like to go out a lot! I love being silly and sexy at the same time. And I love making new friends, both girls and guys ; ) … (Read More!)

Read more of Honey Jo at Top Asian Models: Honey Jo’s look can only be described as a perfect combination of flawless beauty and intense sexuality. This sexy Asian girl will always keep you… (Read More!)

Read more of Honey Jo at Hi5: I am also an aspiring model! I don’t go to college, yet. I’m still young and kinda want to experience the world a little bit first before I hit the books. I’m young, inexperienced, and ready to… (Read More!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gorgeous Jessica Burciaga totally nude!

Jessica Burciaga

Website: www.IDreamofJessie.com
Ethnicity: mixed
Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 107 lbs.
Stats: 32C-26-35

Playboy's Miss February 2009, Blackjack dealer at Playboy Club at the Palms in Las Vegas, Maxim model, Stuff Model, Hooters girl, and sexy gogo dancer. What more can we say about this flawless glamour model. Asian hot model, Jessica Burciaga, is God's gift to Earth by her gorgeous looks and delicicous tight body. Her beautiful smile alone will give you chills down your spine and curl up your toes. Jessie's smooth caramel skin makes you crave for one lick. Her long thick hair urges you to pull hard and rough. This hot latin girl has more than a hand full of breasts to squeeze and firm ass to hold on a strong grip.

Read more about Jessica Burciaga at her website bio: I'm not hard to please at all the simple things in life make me happy and i'm far from materialistic and love to shop at Swap Meets more than the mall. All I need to make me happy is a barbecue at my aunt and uncles house, carne asada on the grill, a corona in my hand, hearing my little cousins running around the house,watching the Laker game, my aunt making martinis, all the girls talking in the kitchen and... (Read more)!

Read more about Jessica Burciaga on her myspace: I hate typical girl gossip! What I've noticed is the people who know me the least and say the most cruel things about me are people that have either never met me, met me once or have never had a conversation with me. That's ok though, because when you're doing great in life or career, people will always try to break your spirit..but ...(Read more)!

Read more about Jessica Burciaga on Open Your Eyes: Would you consider yourself a party girl? I work in a bar weekly as a go-go dancer. But if I weren’t a go-go dancer, I wouldn’t go party in clubs, because I’m not a club person. I don’t like loud music. It’s all hot and sweaty, people are bumping into you, and guys are trying to get you to dance with them. I’d rather go somewhere where you can wear your flip-flops and have a drink outside, where you can ...(Read more)!

Read more about Jessica Burciaga on Maxim Magazine: Jesse Burciaga was featured as our Hot Pic last week, but that wasn't enough. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just thought you'd want to see more. Yeah, that's ...(Read more)!

Read more about Jessica Burciaga on Low Rider Magazine: LRG: So Jessica, in one of your interviews you said that you wouldn't mind having a threesome with your dude because you said (quote), "that it brings excitement to the relationship." Is that true and if so, would you do it again?Jessica: [Laughing] Oh boy I think it's all about timing. That's something you can't plan, it just happens unexpectedly. When you take your relationship to that level you better ...(Read more)!

Read more about Jessica Burciaga on Import Tuner: 2nr: Let's talk about all the men in your life... what's the best way for a guy to hit on you? JB: I NEVER get hit on! [laughs] Honestly, I can never tell if a guy is hitting on me or just being nice, and yes, that is possible. I think I actually get hit on more by girls than guys! Girls always come up to me and ...(Read more)!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mixed Filipina hot model, Nina Carla, in sexy lingerie

Nina Carla

Website: www.NitinProductions.com
and www.NinaCarla.com
Ethnicity: Filipina/Spanish
Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 103 lbs.
Stats: 34D-24-32

Armed with a killer smile, bangin’ body and seductive stare, we simply couldn’t resist the adorable Nina Carla. This naked Asian girl had Filipina hot model written all over her right from the start. Her killer curves were first discovered online thanks to the steamy photos found on her Myspace account. Known to speak her mind and always tell it like it is, don't miss this confident and sexy girl in a thong.

Read more of Nina Carla at Nitin Productions: Slendor, delicious, heavenly, curvacious, and most obviously, simply perfect. Nina Carla is one of the most beautfiul and glamorous models to grace the pages of Nitin Productions. Nina is a perfect example of.... (Read More!)

Read more of Nina Carla at her Myspace: you think you know but YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It's so rare for me to let people into my personal life but let's try this one for fun. This is an opportunity for you to ask me ANYTHING you want and I will answer them to the best of my abilities. Here are the rules:... (Read More!)

Read more of Nina Carla at Model Vanity: Likes: She is an avid animal lover. She wants to be more involved in rescuing animals and finding them deserving homes. She has a passion for dancing- studied classes ranging in styles from Belly dancing, Tahitian, and Showgirls. Her favorite pastime is watching movies such as ... (Read More!)

Read more of Nina Carla at Performance Auto and Sound: What is your idea of perfect happiness? I’d say laying in the sun on a beautiful tropical beach, sippin’ a nice cold drink in my super sexy bathing suit with a cute guy and my dog. What three items would you take with you to a deserted island? ... (Read More!)
Read more of Nina Carla at ModFX Models: What kind of guys are you into? I want a guy with a personality and sense of humor. That's definitely priceless. I like shy guys since they're kind of mysterious. Makes you wonder what's goin' on in their heads. That attracts me! What puts you in a romantic mood? Romantic music! That puts me in any mood you want me to be. What kind of music do you listen to?... (Read More!)

Read more of Nina Carla at Cutie Court: If you see a hot guy, do you ever make the first move? "I never ever make the first move!( I may place myself in an area where he can notice me;)) but I am a lady, and a real lady does... (Read More!)

Read more of Nina Carla at Top Asian Models: Nina graduated high school in Concord, Ca as an honor student. After high school, she immediately started to work full-time while attending college full time. She became involved in highly competitive sales associated jobs that ranged from cellular phone accounts to being certified in selling automobiles in companies such as ... (Read More!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Filipina hot model, Mia Valerio, in sexy lingerie

Mia Valerio

Website: www.NitinProductions.com
Ethnicity: Filipino and Chinese
Height: 5 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Stats: 34D-25-34

Filipino hot model, Mia Valerio, has a dangerous innocence. She is like a chameleon, shifting her outward appearance from sweet to viciously seductive. This girl in a thong comes to us from Las Vegas, Neveda, and she is a lot to handle but in the good way. Her curves are mesmerizing and perfect, a true treat for all of the senses, especially the EYES!!!. Basically, Mia's body is jaw dropping and ridiculous. This naked Asian girl has a very large collage of tattoos on her back that vividly tell the story of her life. Too many stories and tattoos to go into detail here. Mia is like the girl next door, but just a little bit more dangerous and a lot hotter, and she has more of a filthy sexiness…actually, she's nothing like the girl next door. She's just Mia Valerio, one of many of the hot Asian girls with sexy photo galleries from Nitin Productions.

Read more of Mia Valerio at Imort Icons: Animal: Pit Bulls and Snakes! Addictions: Tattoos, Shopping, Desserts, and Sex. Celebrities I'd Do "It" With: Masuimi Max and.... (Read More!)

Read more of Mia Valerio at her twitter: Gotta stay true to who u are, n where u came from, cuz at the top it'll be... (Read More!)

Read more of Mia Valerio at Asia Diva: Quote of the Moment? "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off."" How many tattoos do you have? 7 and counting, I fukin heart tattoos. How many piercing's do you have? ... (Read More!)

Read more of Mia Valerio at her myspace: ok so ive always wanted to get pierced down there, and last night my roomate and i went shopping down hollywood blvd. theres a grip of tattoo and piercing shops so i said fuck it im getting pierced tonight! haha. we walked into LA Tattoo and one of the tattoo artists that was... (Read More!)